Executive Summary

Total-Lab starts as a division of PT Total Printing Indonesia which operates since 2004. Currently PT Total Printing Indonesia have more than 500 customers with growing business and have operational offices in Batam and Jakarta Indonesia.
Total-Lab division was formed at 2013 to answer the customer needs, especially for high quality Training & Laboratory Equipment to support government program to educate the people.

To become more focused in carrying out its Vision and Mission, with the support of the International Principals due to the huge market size and projects undertaken, Total-Lab did the spin-off from a division at PT Total Printing Indonesia to become its own legal entity called PT Total Labora Jaya.





Total-Lab is the company that founded for totally focused business to provide Education lab equipment In Indonesia.
We leverage our education lab business on our existing business relationship with public sector, government and educational institute.

Our vision is to provide a holistic, state-of-the-art, and practical education lab platform for Indonesian students.